Private Sessions

Sign up for a private session to get an in-depth one on one training session to develop skills in a more focused training style where we build your mechanical technique, mental fortitude, and football IQ (scheme).

From Private Sessions, Athletes will benefit from:

Placing our athletes first, our coaches focus on developing each athlete based on their own learning styles and abilities. With our customized approach, athletes tend to experience; more control within their movements, proficiency, and fluidity when throwing the ball, and more confidence in their own abilities.

Includes a complete breakdown of the mechanical, mental, and schematic elements of our athlete’s game designed to develop our athletes into leaders on and off the field.

Guiding our athlete’s decisions on and off the field. We at Left Coast Athletix pride ourselves in developing relationships with every single one of our athletes.

From Group Sessions, Athletes will benefit from:

Group sessions move at a faster pace from the size of our groups and this pace allows us to get the most from each session. These large groups are how we stress test our athlete’s skills and build consistency rep after rep after rep.

While these sessions are inclusive to anyone who wants to join, there is still a drive to compete. With multiple athletes in one place, it’s the perfect chance to see where you stand at your level and learn where and how you can improve yourself.

The LCA community is one of the largest and fastest growing groups of talented athletes in Southern California. Being a part of this community allows our athletes to build relationships while pursuing their dreams of playing at the next level.

Group Sessions

Football is family and the LCA community is no different. Come to a group session and run drills with fellow LCA athletes, while being a part of the premier San Diego, quarterback community that we at LCA pride ourselves on establishing.

Semi-Private Sessions

Join a semi-private session to step up the tempo and run drills with fellow LCA athletes to develop the skills necessary to compete at the next level. Our semi-private sessions provide athletes with high-intensity workouts specially designed to develop and fine-tune skills through fast-paced drill work.

From Semi-Private Sessions, Athletes will benefit from:

At LCA we organize each session, so our athletes are given the opportunity to train with athletes of the same skill level. This personalized approach allows our athletes to progress and grow through competition and hands-on coaching.

In a semi-private session, we are able to run drills that focus on improving each athlete’s mechanics and scheme recognition. This means your training will be more dynamic and will create an environment where every rep is focused on developing the skills necessary to excel at the next level.

The intensity of these small group workouts is higher than any other session and are designed to maximize time with speed and lots of repetition for our athletes.

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